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Advanced Imaging is dedicated to providing the latest information on imaging hardware, software and peripherals to qualified professionals working with all forms of electronic imaging.

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In The January 2009 Issue


Digital Imaging Goes to the MoviesAdvanced digital camera technology facilitates new stop-motion animation techniques.

By Terry Guy, Princeton Instruments

Toward Safer MRIsThe critical role of non-magnetic interconnects for advanced systems.

By Arnie Feinberg, Hypertronics Corp.

Advances in EndoscopyLatest trend is throw-away endoscopes that feature a miniaturized sensor and downstream video-processing circuitry.

By Lee J. Nelson

From Science Experiments to Commercial ProductsDichroic filters enable new class of economical multispectral imagers.

By Jason Eichenholz, Ph.D and John Dougherty, Ocean Optics Inc.

The Growth of Optical Measuring SystemsThree-dimensional measuring system based on computer vision and photogrammetry.

By Daniele Lugli, General Logic srl

Online Exclusive: Application Notes

ITN Source Chooses Volicon Observer to Expedite FOX Business News Delivery

Brazilian Broadcaster Upgrades Distribution Networks With Scopus Solutions

Princeton Instruments Cameras Capture Solar Eclipse

Discovery Channel Program Selects Photron Camera for Slow-Motion Imaging

Core Technology Feature

The Ever-Expanding Hardware Processing CategoryThe biggest challenge in the industry today.

By Stacey Meacham


Solutions Einstein Would Just LoveAll you have to do is think like the world's great physicists.

By Barry Hochfelder

Component Integration

Building the Perfect 3D HologramLiquid crystal on silicon phase holograms is the latest technology.

By T.D. Wilkinson and Rick Chen, University of Cambridge

Online Exclusive: Industry News

CERN Taps MEN Micro for Embedded Functionality in Particle Acceleration Program

Caliper, DUPONT Enter Licensing Agreement for OncoMouse Technology

Sofradir Announces New Name for its U.S.-Based Subsidiary

2009 Solutions of the Year

High-Speed Parachute Deployment Imaging System for Space-Launch Vehicles

Increasing Computing Power to Understand the Earth's Climate

Characterization of Solar Cell Energy Conversion Efficiency Using Electroluminescence Imaging

Welcome to Advanced Imaging's 2009 Imaging Solutions of the Year!For the 13th time, Advanced Imaging begins the New Year with its Solutions of the Year issue.

Solutions of the Year

View the winners of our annual "Imaging Solutions of the Year" contest in each of four key imaging markets.

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