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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Medical Imaging Marches Forward

The importance of imaging to medicine has never been greater, but it will be.
CT of a jaw fracture
Dr. Jeremy Kuniyoshi, University of California at San Diego
This CT image shows a jaw fracture caused by surfing. Researchers found that surfing causes unique injuries that are not normally seen.
Brain imaging with an MRI
Dr. Scott Faro, Temple University School of Medicine.
Brain imaging with an MRI may one day replace lie detectors to determine if a person is lying. Images of the brain may show how the brain looks when a person is telling the truth and when they are lying.

Larry Adams By Larry Adams

More importantly, the CT images allowed the researchers to locate internal and external damage not visible to the naked eye. Using rapid prototyping software, the researchers then compiled the CT images into a 3-D replica of the mask, which was used to assist in the repairs.

The 3-D computer model of the mask allows viewing from any angle, including an inside view -- impossible with traditional museum displays. It also allows global access to the mask, because the museum could provide the virtual reality version on its website.

"The museum was very excited about using radiology scans to recreate items, and the possibility of using this as a new form of art conservation," says Robertson.

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