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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

How to Develop Business Opportunities

Strategies for finding new prospects in difficult times
Dynamis AB
Bin Picking is one of the most interesting opportunities in visionbased automation. In 2008, for example, Karlskoga, Sweden-based Dynamis AB, successfully introduced SensActive ™ technology for bin-picking applications.
Hofmann AMC
The goal of realizing additional business can be achieved in many different ways depending on your core business, customer base, competition and available budgets & resources. Opportunities can be grouped into three categories: Existing customer/new product, existing product/new customer and new product/new customer.
Baumer Gige camera
National Instruments module for camera link imaging processing

By Holger Hofmann
AMC Hofmann

Donīt miss the chance to prepare yourself and stay ahead. At least these two scenarios should be covered; do not underestimate these factors.


Addressing new opportunities by entering new markets can be a huge investment with impact on your existing business. SBC needs to be well established and connected with internal departments and external information, without other operational work. The better this is organized, the better the results will be. You will find better opportunities, know more about potential markets, improve time to market and thus your return on investment. AI

Holger Hofmann is founder and managing director of AMC Hofmann (Heppenheim, Germany), where he focuses on business development and market research in automation and machine vision. AMC published a market report on bin picking in May. Hofmann can be reached at


With the GigE Cameras inside a IP67-rated enclosure Baumer (Southington, Conn.) presents a camera series designed especially for industrial applications in harsh environments. Set-ups where water and dust can not be avoided have great demands on the used components. Especially for these applications, Baumer has developed a protective housing for its innovative cameras. The cameras have a diameter of 65 mm and a length between 98 to 140 mm depending on the used lens. They offer flexibility in a robust, compact design. All critical camera components are contained within the IP67 housing, including the electronics, the CCD sensor, and the internal C- Mount adapter to ensure a protected environment for a standard lens. The protective housing is available in 4 different lengths (52, 62, 71 and 94 mm) according to the chosen objectives. An M12 connector completes the industrial design and enables a safe connection of the camera with the network interface. The new camera series is available in monochrome and color with resolutions from VGA to 5 megapixel. A generic programming interface, called Baumer-GAPI, allows you a quick and easy integration in your applications.  

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