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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

Telemedicine for Chubby-Cheeked Kids

Penn State students combine inspiration and innovation with cost-effective technology to bring healthcare to rural East Africa
Khanjan Mehta, Penn State University
A Kenyan woman uses a spirometer to check her lung capacity. Penn State students made the device from a piece of PVC pipe and a vibration sensor attached to a DAQ card for less than $10. New devices cost $50 and up.
A Penn State student works with a Kenyan family at a Mashavu kiosk. He will log onto the Mashavu server and create (or update) a patient profile, which includes questions on contact information, social history and medical history.
A woman gets her blood pressure taken. For many rural people in East Africa, Mashavu is the first time they’ve had any healthcare assessments or treatments.
A young boy shows the card with his healthcare vitals. Mashavu’s goal is for him, and all East African youngsters, to become healthy and chubby-cheeked.

By Barry Hochfelder

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