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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

The Big Picture Fits the Small Screen

Microdisplays can do the job as well as their larger counterparts
Digital Interface LCD
Samsung Electronics
Z800 3D Visor
The Z800 3D Visor from eMagin Corp.
Dataglass 2/A
The Dataglass 2/A from Shimadzu Corp. of Japan.

Hank Russell By Hank Russell
Managing Editor

The Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal On Silicon (F-LCOS) technology from CRL Opto (Dalgety Bay, Dunfermline, Scotland) is suited to single-channel architectures. The microdisplay has an SXGA (1280 x 1024 pixels) resolution and is suitable for a range of applications from 720p High Definition RPTVs to near-eye, and image injection. The fast switching nature of the Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal (FLC) used in the microdisplay enables the creation of full-color images. This is achieved with the help of a proprietary drive chip and software, by fast switching of the F-LCOS pixels together with the advance control of the light source and single microdisplay. A single microdisplay can be used for RGB, as opposed to requiring a microdisplay for each color.

The LV201k from Displaytech Inc. (Longmont, CO) is a 0.2-inch diagonal FLC-on-CMOS reflective microdisplay with 300x224 pixel-display resolution. Each pixel has 18-bit color depth, and the display operates at a frame rate of 120 hertz (360 hertz RGB field rate) to provide flicker-free, full-color video imaging. With a fill factor of 93 percent, the company says the display yields smooth images without the "screen door effect" found in transmissive TFT-LCD panels. In addition, the reflective display technology utilizes an efficient tri-color LED that allows for a wide color gamut, the company says.

The Z800 3D Visor from eMagin Corp. (Hopewell Junction, NY) incorporates two eMagin SVGA 3-D OLEDs (800x3x600 pixels per display) for a total of 2.8 million pixels to provide an immersive field of view equivalent to a 105-inch screen at 12 feet, and uses high-speed head tracking to permit 360-degree viewing. The Z800 draws its power from any standard USB port with no additional power sources. It can be used for applications such as electronic gaming and simulation programs (3-D or 2-D), PC- and laptop-based high-resolution DVD entertainment, applications requiring privacy and mobile devices with high-resolution video outputs or adapters.;

Kaiser Electro-Optics' (Carlsbad, CA) SO35 Monocular has a full-color AMOLED image source with a resolution of 2.1 arcminutes per color group, a brightness of 0.1-300 foot lamberts and a contrast ratio of more than 100:1. Its field of view is 22 degrees (H) x 21 degrees (V) x 35 degrees (D) at SVGA resolution (22x17x28 degrees FOV at VGA resolution). The display module includes a 1.2-meter cable with a water-resistant connector. Analog video rates are 56-80 hertz at SVGA resolution (60-85 hertz at VGA resolution). It operates at temperature ranges between -32 degrees and +55 degrees Celsius.

The CyberDisplay active matrix liquid crystal displays (AMLCDs) from Kopin Corp. (Westboro, MA) are used in camcorders and digital still cameras and were recently introduced for the next generation of mobile consumer electronic products systems, including head-mounted display applications for virtual reality gaming, simulation training, surgical headgear, fiber-optic inspection systems and megapixel digital still cameras.

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