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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

Philadelphia Studio Uses Optek Lighting for Museum Exhibit

Adirondack Studios (Argyle, N.Y.) now uses LED module strips and flexible LED light strips from TT electronics OPTEK Technology’s (Carrollton, Texas in the design and fabrication of the “Changing Earth” exhibit at the Franklin Institute (Philadelphia, Pa.).

TT electronics OPTEK Technology’s (Carrollton, Texas) LED module strips and flexible LED light strips have been employed by Adirondack Studios in the design and fabrication of the “Changing Earth” exhibit at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, Pa. The exhibit includes a Magma Crawl display—a crawl-through fiberglass tunnel that uses a sequence of programmed lights and heating elements to simulate the flow of lava through the earth.

“With the design of not only the lava display on the inside of the tunnel but the eruption meter on the outside of the lava tunnel as well, it was imperative that we utilized high bright LEDs with a significant degree of controllability,” said Jerry Panza, Electrics Foreman for Adirondack Studios. “OPTEK’s LEDs are not only extremely reliable—we ran them for two and a half months non-stop (50K+ hours) and not a single LED dimmed or failed—but OPTEK was also able to provide them in 40-foot strips, which made them easy to install.”

The OVM12F3x7 Series LED module strips are a versatile string of 30 super flux LED modules designed for surface illumination to create decorative or special effects. Implemented in the Magma Crawl tunnel, the LEDs’ response time is fast enough for instantaneous flashing lights, while power consumption is low (0.3 to 0.5W typical depending on color). The LED modules are available in strips ranging from three inches to more than 40 feet.

The OVQ12S30x7 Series flexible LED light strips represent a scalable lighting solution using high brightness LEDs mounted on flexible circuit board. Used to build the convection flow meter and the eruption indicator in the Magma Crawl display, these light strips are highly flexible, providing easy installation and allowing many different configurations.

“The red and amber LED modules and light strips were a perfect solution for Adirondack’s Magma Crawl display, as they are easy to control for the flowing lava effect and exhibit a longer operating life than fluorescent and incandescent light sources,” said Roland Chapa, vice president of optoelectronic integrated solutions for TT electronics OPTEK Technology. “With Adirondack’s expertise in the design and fabrication of interactive environments, exhibits and sets for the entertainment industry, we’re looking forward to providing them with cost-effective lighting solutions for future projects.”

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