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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

Allied Vision Technologies Helps Laetus with Camera Cure-all

Laetus has begun using Allied Vision Technologies’ Stingray camera in its automated testing control systems for the pharmaceutical industry.

Two IEEE1394b interfaces are arranged at right angles on the outside of the housing, allowing for flexible orientation in different directions as system configuration requires. The rapid FireWire interface enables reliable image data transfer at 800 Mbit/sec. An intermediary trigger board in the camera enables jitter-free image recording via FireWire connection.

“With this new iCAM, we’ve radically reduced the variety of cameras in our systems,” Günter Rodeck reported. In so doing, construction is greatly simplified and warehouse costs for the various camera models reduced. Clients who had previously worked with a Guppy- or Marlin-based system can benefit in the future from the upgrade to a more recent camera generation with a faster interface and better image optimization functions.

“Allied Vision Technologies’ Stingray was predestined for this project. With its modular construction and board level version, as well as the dual FireWire interface, it was the ideal basis for the iCAM,”  Rodeck explained.

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