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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

From Home Security to Homeland Security

Day or night, thermal security cameras keep watch on the borders and in your neighborhoods
FLIR Systems
Thermal security cameras make video images from heat, not reflected light, so they can see clearly night and day.
Figure 2: Right:Security lights and infrared illuminators (image on left)leave large areas uncovered that intruders can exploit to gain access to sensitive facilities.
Thermal security cameras are available in dome, fixed-site, pan/tilt, and handheld configurations.
Fixed-site thermal security cameras provide constant surveillance over fixed points like access areas and sensitive facilities. This one is watching over a sensitive harbor entrance.
Inexpensive hand-held thermal cameras provide 24-hour vision to homeowners and security professionals alike.

By David Lee

One of the fastest growing configurations of thermal security cameras are handheld cameras. These handheld units give homeowners and security professionals alike the capability to carry this bleeding-edge technology with them wherever they go.

Especially useful for home security, handheld thermal security cameras give homeowners the power to walk their property, looking in dark corners and behind outbuildings and sheds for possible intruders or animals. They’re also useful for seeing damaged insulation in walls and ceilings, finding water damage and air leaks around windows and doors, and can even see potential electrical problems.

Handheld thermal cameras designed for security and law enforcement roles are currently on the market for less than $5,000, as well as vehicle-mounted thermal cameras that go for less than half that price.

Conclusions? Thermal security cameras offer the best 24/7 imaging range performance available. They are easily networked and work better with video analytics packages than other “lowlight” imaging solutions. They come in a variety of technologies and configurations, providing a solution for any high-security installation or border. Finally, they are inexpensive to operate, they require the installation of no auxiliary lighting infrastructure, and their acquisition costs are projected to continue their downward trend creating the “perfect storm” of affordability and return on investment.

Taking into account their imaging performance, flexibility, networkability, and cost, thermal security cameras provide the best technology available for 24-hour video surveillance of every kind of facility —even your house. AI

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