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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

A Touch of Glass

Touchscreen technology evolving from single touch to multitouch and gesturing
Ocular Inc.
Figure 1. Resistive touch screens have an outer layer of flexible film that must bend to make electrical contact. Projected capacitive touch screens feature a protective glass layer which conducts changes in the screen’s capacitance resulting from a touch.
Digital Dash
Figure 2. Digital Dash’s multifunctional solution uses familiar physical controls like knobs, buttons and sliders, with touch input, while remaining totally reconfigurable in software.

By Barry Hochfelder

“The current technology in vehicles is fundamentally limited,” he says. “How can you incorporate more of these things into that [dashboard] space? There are driver distraction issues, but we think we have a really good solution to that space.

“You can customize the interface to a particular driver,” he adds. “Picture an older woman driving to the grocery store. She has all this stuff—no knobs or buttons. She doesn’t need navigational aids. We can mimic a 1975 dashboard, keeping it very simple. Then, by changing the surface, we can do it for a 20-year-old [who wants all the bells and whistles]. It’s the ability to decontent and up content.”

Car sales today are selling on the interior, Pryor says, and not so much on quality and cost. “It’s a real differentiator.”

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