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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

EMVA Visits Dublin

Annual conference covers business, technology and trends; elects new executive committee

By Barry Hochfelder

EMVA 1288 is defining objective and comparable specs of gray scale/color cameras and sensors. It will provide easy selection of cameras for given applications, standardize test methods and data sheets and provide more security and transparency. Version 3.0, which will cover more parameters than past versions, will be released in the fall.

The Lens Mount Standard is an initiative from JIIA. It will define which mounts are most useful for very high resolution applications and show the best fit between lens, pixel size and resolution. EMVA is following that with its own working group and making proposals.

One of the key events was the election of five members to the EMVA Executive Board. Following the vote, Patrick Schwarzkopf, EMVA General Secretary, announced the winners. They are Mats Gökstorp SICK AG, (Waldkirch, Germany); Gabriele Jansen, Jansen C.E.O. (Heppenheim, Germany); Cor Maas, LMI (Heerlen, Netherlands); Ignazio Piacentini, Imaging Lab SLR, (Lodi, Italy); and Toni Ventura-Traveset Datapixel SL, (Barcelona, Spain). The board will meet to select a new president to replace Jansen, who has completed her two-year term.

Although a date has not yet been established, the Eight Annual Business Conference will be held in Istanbul, Turkey, a dynamically developing market for vision. For more information, visit

Barry Hochfelder

Editor, Advanced Imaging

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