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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

Component Integration: The Software Story

Faster algorithms, more usability, 3D and fitting better with multicore processors are just a few trends
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By Barry Hochfelder

Marc Damhaut, VP Product Management for Euresys (Angleur, Belgium), agrees that image processing libraries are taking advantage of 64-bit and multicore processing. “More and more high-end applications that used to require specific hardware for image processing now can be solved using standard computers and application software. The increasing resolution and frame rate of cameras also are driving this change.”


Because of the current global economic situation, it is imperative for software manufacturers to build flexibility into their products. “A lot of industries are suffering from the economic crisis,” says Stemmer’s Gimple. “In Europe, especially, the automotive industry has suffered from a hard downturn, and this industry had been a major application area for imaging software.”

He says that Stemmer designed its Common Vision Blox (CVB) library as an open architecture and hardware independent toolkit that can be used in numerous applications and industries. “Applications in mechanical engineering, electronics manufacturing, medical, food and solar are surely very interesting areas where many of our customers are working.”

Endre Toth, Director of Business Development in the U.S. office of Ettlingen, Germany-based Vision Components, says that his company is working with a number of partners to create software packages for end users and system integrators. Applications include generic measurement and gauging functions for quality inspection, or even specific niches such as license plate recognition and particle sensors.

When software is easy to use, says NI’s Srikant, it becomes well-suited for many types of domain experts who may not be imaging experts, including production and test engineers. “Easy to use software that supports a range of hardware also helps machine builders get their systems to market faster.”

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