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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

Hong Kong Jockey Club Selects Vizrt Solutions for HD Horse Racing Broadcasts


Viz Arena can calculate real-time distance measurements and object placement during live action. Ideal for any sporting event, Viz Arena creates graphics that remain in place while cameras track movement of athletes, cars, horses—whoever or whatever is competing—on any surface from a race track to a swimming pool.
HKJC uses Viz Arena to create several virtual lines on the track that show how far each horse is from various points along the track to the finish line, showing viewers the position of each horse during the race.

Viz Arena is equipped with an internal keyer making it possible for broadcasters to employ multiple keyers during the same broadcast. When only one keyer is available adjustments for variations in lighting have to be done as a whole over the image. Having an unlimited number of keyers, broadcasters are now able to assign multiple keyers to specific and separate portions of a field or track to better adjust for sudden changes.

Additionally, any area in the scene can be keyed by chrominance or luminance. This allows keying not only on differently shaded grass but keying over dirt tracks at the same time. This is of significant benefit to the Hong Kong Jockey Club's broadcasts, since both venues have a turf track and a dirt inner field. Chroma-keying on the dirt is difficult, so Viz Arena allows keying on the brownish dirt track based on luminance. To find the optimum setup for the keyer the operator can click into the live video or use one of the predefined hotspots of the individual chroma/luminance keyers.

Another key factor for the quality of the final result is the deinterlacer used on the live video in. Viz Arena employs DVS Centaurus II as a video board for virtual sport enhancements. The DVS enables an adjustable overall delay from as low as 2 frames up to 10 frames if needed. DVS can work in SD and HD formats.

The newest version of Viz Arena also allows for real time adjustments to keys during the event with a simple mouse click. A portion of the track can be isolated, evaluated and adjusted to produce the best picture quality as the event occurs. Viz Arena includes dynamic, correct-perspective graphical overlays for any playing area. Users can create animated virtual advertising graphics, game analysis, and insert those images live.

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