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Updated: January 12th, 2011 10:01 AM CDT

Special Report: Setting a Standard

Japanese association take the lead
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By Barry Hochfelder

Camera Link: Chaired by Fumio Nagumo of CIS Corp., this group also is reviewing Power over Camera Link (PoCL).

GigE Working Group: Chaired by Tsutomu Kojima, Adstec Corp., this group is working to adopt the AIA standard for GigE Vision. Its mission is to make GigE more known and used in Japan. The committee also provides feedback to the AIA about new requirements of the Japanese market.

Next Generation Interface Working Group: Chaired by Takashi Kawakami, Grophin Co., Ltd., this group is looking several years down the road and intends to disseminate information globally, as well as within Japan.

Next Generation Camera Protocol Working Group: Led by Yoshitsugu Nakasone of Toshiba Teli Corp., this group is reviewing the GenICam standard being worked on by EMVA.

Lighting Working Group: Chaired by Shigeki Masumura of CCS Inc., this group is charged with creating standards that integrators can follow when setting up a system.

Lens Working Group: Chaired by Hiroshi Yamaguchi of Toshiba Teli, this group works on standardization for industrial lenses, especially in robustness, and intuition. It also wants to work on standardization for smaller lenses.

Camera Spec Standard Working Group: Chaired by Masanori Yasuda of Toshiba Teli, this group wants to specify specification index, definitions and measurement methods as cameras and peripherals move from analog to digital. Customers, they say, may have problems with comparative analysis and system designs because the specs often vary from manufacture to manufacture.

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