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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

Georgia County TV Network Selects Broadcast Pix Switcher

Technicians in the control room televise a board meeting via the Broadcast Pix Switcher.
Technicians in the control room televise a board meeting via the Broadcast Pix Switcher.

Broadcast Pix (Billerica, Mass.), the company that redefined the production switcher as a live integrated production system, announced the sale of its Slate system to Douglas County (Georgia) Television. The switcher is being used to air the Board of Commissioners meetings twice a month along with monthly planning meetings.

The station, DCTV23, recently televised runoff election results live using the Slate system, something that could not have been done before. T.J. Jaglinski, DCTV23's Technical Director explains the process: "I created titles for the two runoff races and combined it with a live feed. We ran it through the switcher with our regular programming, shrinking it into a lower right-hand screen with a wraparound title. We also wrote a script so that it would alternate from title to title and I could update the results. In one night, our coverage went from government access channel style reporting results to something we'd see on a major news channel."

DCTV23 consulted with and purchased its Slate system through Broadcast Pix dealer Media Products (Atlanta). Media Products then assisted the media department in conjunction with Broadcast Pix during the integration of the switcher. The Broadcast Pix Slate system integrates a production switcher, production control panel, Inscriber CG, clip store, and multi-view monitoring, among other functions, in a single system.

DCTV23 purchased its Slate to replace the original equipment that had been installed at its facility about 10 years ago. Several options were researched before selecting Slate, but a demonstration of the features—and having all control room functions built into Slate—helped cement the decision, according to Jaglinski.

He also says DCTV23 uses the Sony BRC 300 cameras that interface with the Slate, taking full advantage of the remote control functionality the interface offers.

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