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Updated: January 12th, 2011 10:01 AM CDT

Products, Products, Products

Welcome to Advanced Imaging's Annual Showcase

By Barry Hochfelder

SCS, which has been around for 15 years, spent 18 months working toward its goal.

Here's the innovation. Users no longer pay license fees and the margins on the electronics are minimal since every company can produce the hardware itself if necessary. Users only have to make new investments in the system parts, which differentiate the solution from rival products (for example, the concept, development of the actual application, any hardware modifications and optimum integration). The entire basic platform is available without a license on an open-source basis.

The costs of the camera were systematically optimized both in terms of the hardware and software for use in this number range. Paraphernalia was left out to maintain a lean platform that can, if required, be supplemented by the customer or by SCS. The open-source license models were chosen to help customers protect their own algorithms and software components.

The Vision Award is given annually to companies that have rendered outstanding services through groundbreaking machine vision innovations. The competition is open to all companies and institutes that produce machine vision components and systems. The jury is made up of renowned experts: Roland Beyer, DaimlerChrysler AG; Don Braggins, Machine Vision System Consultancy (and a member of the Advanced Imaging Editorial Advisory Board); Holger Hofmann, ISRA VISION AG and Martin Wäny, Awaiba Lda. The jury determines the prize-winner from the received entries. The winning company receives a cash prize of €5,000 and a trophy.

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