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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

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LMI Releases Newest Machine Vision Product

LMI Technologies, Inc. (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) released its new maestro™ product during Vision 2008 in Stuttgart, Germany.
Engineers learned how maestro lets them rapidly design, install, and start up any machine vision solution while reducing time, materials, and costs using only two universal maestro modules for all installations.

maestro is comprised of two modules, the P800 and the C12. The P800 is the master controller that interfaces with the encoders and the I/O, but also delivers microsecond synchronization, power, and safety on CAT5E cables for up to eight or more cameras and light sources, all from a single power supply. All timing, triggering, synchronization, sorting, and reject activations are completed by the maestro P800 module.

As a result, all devices are slaves to the P800 controller, including the host computer that performs the image processing. Camera image data is delivered directly to the host computer with standard interfaces—GigE Vision, FireWire, etc., with all timing dictated by the P800 and communicated to the host computer via Gigabit Ethernet.

The connecting piece to the maestro P800 is the C12 module. This component is a camera and light controller that is connected to the P800 with a maximum 100-meter CAT5e cable. The C12 module powers and triggers any camera while providing synchronized configurable high current pulses for LEDs or lasers.

The combination of the P800 and C12 modules is compatible with all cameras, light sources, I/O, and machine vision software libraries to provide rapid design and installation of virtually any type of machine vision application from single cameras to multi-camera web inspection systems.
Additionally, maestro enables the integration of LMI Technologies' FireSync, Sensors that See, and HexSight components with standard camera and lighting components.

The functionality of maestro can be defined in three words—connect, configure and conduct. Never again will integration take so much time and effort. maestro will allow the user to connect various components that encompass a machine vision system through a standard CAT5e cabling.

Configuration occurs through TCP/IP and XML, or via a web browser for standalone operations. And finally, the conductor, or master controller enables the user to conduct event timing to a microsecond.

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