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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

Continual Advancements in Frame Grabber Technology


By Stacey Meacham

FrameLink ExpressImperx Inc., (Boca Raton, Fla.) introduces the new FrameLink Express, a Camera Link frame grabber specifically designed for ExpressCard laptops. This video capture card allows users to view and store real time megapixel video images from two Camera Link sources on their notebook computers. FrameLink Express is a highly versatile frame grabber capable of acquiring single or multiple frames and standard AVI clips from two independent Camera Link Base cameras or a single Medium camera. The ExpressCard/54 interface (x1 lane PCIe) provides an impressive 2.5 Gbp/s of bandwidth. The frame grabber features a flow-through pipelined architecture with an intelligent scatter/gather DMA engine.

Leutron Vision's (Glattbrugg, Switzerland), PicPort®-Express-CL products are a range of Camera Link frame grabbers for PCI-Express Bus. The fast PC-Bus architecture provides great capabilities for tasks involving high data transfer rates allowing Camera-Link broadband capacity be exploited to the fullest. Leutron designed this series for high bandwidth and low latency applications. These frame grabbers also provide Power-over-Camera Link capabilities to simplify the integration by providing power directly to the camera through the Camera Link interface. The frame grabbers support multi-tap, total resolution up to 64K x 64K and a maximum pixel clock of 85 MHz.

Solios eV-CL and Solios eM-CLMatrox Solios eV-CL and Solios eM-CL are cost-effective Camera Link® frame grabbers for video acquisition for PCI ExpressTM and embedded PCI/104-ExpressTM respectively. Both the Solios eV-CL and Solios eM-CL provide connectivity to the highest-performance multi-megapixel area and line scan Camera Link® cameras on the market, and are available in either dual independent base configuration or single medium/full configuration supporting up to 10 taps. Both formats simplify cabling by supporting power over Camera Link® . An extensive set of general purpose inputs and outputs synchronize image acquisition with external events and communicate with process automation devices.

Model 817Sensoray (Tigard, Ore.) announces the newest addition to its extensive line of OEM video capture cards with the release of Model 817, PCI-Express JPEG frame grabber. The 817 is a PCI Express x1 card that captures 16 separate channels of compressed JPEG or uncompressed bitmaps at 480 total frames per second. The 817 supports x1 or wider PCI Express slots. An internal 16 X 4 analog crosspoint video switch is used to route any combination of four input channels to external video monitors. Each video output can be individually turned on or off allowing the outputs of multiple 817s to the same monitor. Four identical video capture and processing units handle four input video channels. Each VCPU employs a 4-channel video decoder to convert analog video into digital, and a digital signal processor to capture digitized video and handle tasks such as frame decimation, caption overlay, JPEG compression and status reporting.

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