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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

Medical Research Institute Advances Biomarker Research With Aperio Digital Platform

Digital pathology using dual color assays
© Aperio
Digital pathology using dual color assays can utilize one protein marker for identifying the cell type, and one marker for identifying protein expression. In this example, a marker for BCL-B protein expression is labeled with a brown chromogen (upper right), a marker identifying plasma cells (CD138) is labeled with a black chromogen (lower left), with a background red stain for nuclei (lower right). The image analysis colocalization tool then can calculate which cells express the protein of interest (upper left).

By leveraging the efforts of multiple investigators at multiple sites, Aperio's digital pathology platform has significantly advanced Burnham's ability to validate quantitative protein expression of biomarkers prior to preclinical and clinical trials with pharmaceutical partners.

"Aperio's digital pathology platform and the novel image analysis algorithms developed by Allen Olson, Ph.D., manager of image analysis applications at Aperio, measure biomarker expression in the original tissue context, often exceeding the limits of any conventional microscope," said Stan Krajewski, M.D., Ph.D., director of the histology and molecular pathology core at Burnham. "Aperio's platform also facilitates the expansion of biomarker research in major human solid epithelial malignancies to an unlimited number of participating institutions and researchers, facilitating studies on clinical applications such as prostate, colon, gastric, ovarian, breast, cervix, lung, melanoma, and head and neck squamous cell cancers."

"Burnham has a long history of oncology innovation, and their unique collaborative environment is well-suited to digital pathology," said Steven Potts, Ph.D., director of biopharma at Aperio. "These multi-site, multi-investigator studies are a remarkable example of how research will be performed across geographic boundaries in the future. Burnham combines novel histological staining approaches with a deep understanding of underlying regulatory mechanisms of tumors, which has helped Aperio to keep pace by developing matching image analysis algorithms for quantifying protein expression."

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