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Updated: January 12th, 2011 10:01 AM CDT

From Here to Infinity

Liquid lens gives color machine vision camera an extra edge
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The IVIN™2M-ETH, which features a CMOS imager with selectable display resolution up to 1600 x 1200, incorporating a progressive scan sensor with an electronic rolling shutter.

By Barry Hochfelder


At June's VISION East Show in Boston, Sony released a new XCI Series of smart cameras, including two color models, the XCI-V100C and the XCI-SX100. The former features 90 frames per second (VGA) and 640 x 480 resolution; the latter delivers 30 fps (SXGA) and 1280 x 960 resolution. They continue the x86 CPU architecture of their predecessors, but provide improved image processing capabilities (1GHz vs. 400MHz) and offer increased compatibility with peripherals. At 512MB, they have double the SDRAM of the previous generation.

These new cameras (including the black-and-white versions, XCI-V100 and XCI-SX100) address markets outside of machine vision, including traffic control and high-end security. The color cameras feature automated exposure and auto white balance for non-Machine Vision applications.

Sony says the cameras are available with both USB 2.0 (two) and Ethernet interfaces, both of which are more efficient than earlier models.

New interfaces for the factory environment include input voltage of +12VDC to +24VDC (with 12-pin EIAJ connector vibration) and D-sub 15-pin monitor output.

Also new on the market is Photron's Fastcam MC2 that features twin camera heads, designed for development and production engineers in manufacturing and automation environments. Its light-sensitive CMOS sensor (Bayer system color) with 10 µm pixel, global electronic shutter from 20ms to 6µs, allows images to be captured with minimal additional lighting and provides high frame rates and image resolution to permit clear visualization and motion analysis.

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