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Updated: January 12th, 2011 10:01 AM CDT

The Wow! Factor at SID Show

Display innovations turn heads in L.A.

By Barry Hochfelder

The projector displays graphical or video images on the screen. Images can take the form of standard displays (like maps) or can combine with the physical controls (knobs, buttons and sliders) to create devices. The controls operate the device displayed adjacent to them. For example, the same controls can operate both Audio and HVAC units. The camera senses the position of the controls, or the user's touch on the screen, eliminating wires and electrical components found in conventional instrument panels. The control surface uses beaded rear-projection film to provide a high-contrast, high-res image. For more information, visit

I guarantee that gamers, film editors, and health care professionals will be agog later this year. On display in the Osram Semiconductors (Santa Clara, Calif.) booth was a 42-inch curved display from Ostendo Technologies (Carlsbad, Calif.). It was illuminated by OSTAR® high-performance LEDs and uses rear-projection DLP that wraps 2,880 x 900 pixels around the viewer. It provides 68.7 billion colors and more than 300 nits of brightness.

NEC Display Solutions (Itasca, Ill.) will produce the version geared for medical scanners, photographers and video animators while Dell's Alienware division will have one marketed toward the gamers.

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