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Updated: January 12th, 2011 10:01 AM CDT

Is a Smart Camera Right for You?

Our experts discuss the pros and cons of their growing popularity
JAI smart camera
A JAI smart camera in an all-weather housing, overlooks a European transponderless toll area. A built-in power PC processor is used to isolate the license plate area in the image and extract the plate data which is then output to a back-office system for toll collection.
5mm metal molding
© Vision Components
An automotive plant uses smart cameras from Vision Components to inspect 5mm metal moldings on the line.
magnified view of the tip of a glass pipette
A magnified view of the tip of a glass pipette using a DALSA VA30 vision system. It is looking for cracks in the pipette.
Basler's Excite smart camera
© Basler
Basler's Excite smart camera.

By Barry Hochfelder

Ben Dawson, DALSA: "Smart cameras will become faster, smaller and easier to integrate. Their software will improve and their applicability will expand beyond manufacturing quality control."

Fabio Perelli, Matrox: "Certainly we can expect CPUs to shrink and emit less heat; this will broaden the types of applications where smart cameras can be used."

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