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Updated: January 12th, 2011 10:01 AM CDT

Security in 3D

Overcoming problems of lighting changes, partial obstructions and multiple targets
Rockefeller Center observation deck
Changing lighting conditions on the Rockefeller Center observation deck provide numerous tracking challenges that were solved by a 3D system.
tracking people
Tracking a person in an area of bright sunlight, such as this office setting, would be difficult in 2D.

By Barry Hochfelder

The 3D range image and intensity image are used by the background model primitive to filter the incoming data to keep only pixels that are dynamic, that is, that do not match well to the typical background data. The remaining data, expressed as a binary foreground mask, is processed by the Projection Space visual primitive. In this step, the orientation and position of the camera, computed during registration, are used to transform each 3D foreground pixel into a coordinate system aligned with the floor. The data is then projected into quantized cells on the floor plane.

TYZX PersonTrack has a C++ API that provides the user access to real-time updates of all people's locations in the facility, person counts for the full facility or selected sub-regions, as well as alerts and counts for people present in specified restricted areas.

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