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Updated: January 12th, 2011 10:01 AM CDT

Looking Ahead

Anticipation of trends, technology drive ever-evolving software market
image of human knee
© Courtesy AccuSoft
AccuSoft’s ImageGear for .NET pseudocolor capability, which highlights densities—including fracture repair hardware—in a grayscale medical image . This one is of the human knee.
Andor Technology’s multidimensional software
© Courtesy Andor
Andor Technology’s multidimensional software affords tools to analyze, process, visualize and manage multi-channel, time-series, Z-series and multi-field experimental data.
Creating an interactive panoramic image with Panoweaver©
© Courtesy Easypano
Creating an interactive panoramic image with Panoweaver© from Easypano Holdings Inc.
eVision from Euresys
© Courtesy Euresys
eVision from Euresys includes object recognition, inspection, measurement and alignment functions.
MathStar’s software chart
© Courtesy MathStar
MathStar’s software permits engineers to architect, authenticate and debug algorithms and protocols on the firm’s Arrix series of Field Programmable Object Arrays (FPOA).
National Instruments screen
© Courtesy National Instruments
National Instruments has updated its Vision Development Module to highlight improved edge detection.
MathWorks screen
© Courtesy MathWorks
MathWorks now bundles add-on products—previously available separately—into its MATLAB and Simulink software.
Multi-phase 3-D analysis of coronary arteries and left ventricle
© Courtesy Visage Imaging
Multi-phase 3-D analysis of coronary arteries and left ventricle.

By Lee J. Nelson
Contributing Editor

HD Photo is geared for end-to-end digital photography, offering better image quality, greater preservation of data and advanced features. Its still image codec for continuous-tone images is underpinned by lossy and lossless compression, multiple colorspaces, wide dynamic range and extensive metadata.

"...Microsoft's new file format has tremendous potential in the photo market, combining many of the best features of JPEG and JPEG 2000. Supporting this format in Pegasus Imaging's Photo SDKs seemed like a no-brainer to us," comments Business Development Manager Marc Brechwald. "We also are excited that Microsoft and Pegasus Imaging collaborated on this project to develop plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop software."

Marketing Director Jaime Saeger told Advanced Imaging, if/when HD Photo is standardized by the Joint Photographic Experts Group (Lausanne, Switzerland) it likely will be known as JPEG XR. At their 42nd meeting last July, the Group discussed integrating new technologies—including JPEG XR—into the existing family of standards as well as continuing to explore additional options and solutions for "modern networked imaging."

With version 9.0.2, Common Vision Blox from Stemmer Imaging GmbH (Puchheim, Germany) is reaffirmed as a powerful machine vision programming library. Common Vision Blox offers a complete implementation of the GenICam standard (European Machine Vision Association, Frankfurt am Main, Germany). A special grid control provides access to all individual camera options without the need for complex development in any of the supported languages (C++, C++ Builder, Delphi, .NET, Visual Basic).

The GenICam implementation is not bound to the GigE Vision standard. And, plans are in place to address other GenICam-compliant acquisition technologies as they become available. So, Common Vision Blox is already "future-proofed," says Manager Marketing Peter Stiefenhöfer.

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