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Updated: January 12th, 2011 10:01 AM CDT

Looking Ahead

Anticipation of trends, technology drive ever-evolving software market
image of human knee
© Courtesy AccuSoft
AccuSoft’s ImageGear for .NET pseudocolor capability, which highlights densities—including fracture repair hardware—in a grayscale medical image . This one is of the human knee.
Andor Technology’s multidimensional software
© Courtesy Andor
Andor Technology’s multidimensional software affords tools to analyze, process, visualize and manage multi-channel, time-series, Z-series and multi-field experimental data.
Creating an interactive panoramic image with Panoweaver©
© Courtesy Easypano
Creating an interactive panoramic image with Panoweaver© from Easypano Holdings Inc.
eVision from Euresys
© Courtesy Euresys
eVision from Euresys includes object recognition, inspection, measurement and alignment functions.
MathStar’s software chart
© Courtesy MathStar
MathStar’s software permits engineers to architect, authenticate and debug algorithms and protocols on the firm’s Arrix series of Field Programmable Object Arrays (FPOA).
National Instruments screen
© Courtesy National Instruments
National Instruments has updated its Vision Development Module to highlight improved edge detection.
MathWorks screen
© Courtesy MathWorks
MathWorks now bundles add-on products—previously available separately—into its MATLAB and Simulink software.
Multi-phase 3-D analysis of coronary arteries and left ventricle
© Courtesy Visage Imaging
Multi-phase 3-D analysis of coronary arteries and left ventricle.

By Lee J. Nelson
Contributing Editor

The 10th-anniversary edition of the distinguished machine vision library, HALCON 8.0 from MVTec Software GmbH (Munich, Germany & Cambridge, Mass.) furthers its hardware independence with new interfaces. Version 8.0 handles uEye Gigabit-Ethernet cameras from IDS Imaging Development Systems (Obersulm, Germany & Cambridge, Mass.), microEnable IV CameraLink frame grabbers courtesy of Silicon Software GmbH (Mannheim, Germany) and Baumer Optronic GmbH's (Radeberg, Germany) TXD and TXF series CCD-cameras.

HALCON is a comprehensive software suite with integrated development environment for blob analysis, morphology, pattern matching, measuring, 3-D object recognition and binocular stereo vision. The software contains more than 1,300 operators, is platform-independent and runs under Windows, Linux, and Solaris operating systems.

National Instruments Corp. (Austin, Texas) updates its Vision Development Module, a comprehensive library of image processing and machine vision operators for multiple programming languages. This release highlights improved edge detection with which users can enhance images, locate objects and hard-to-find edges, identify components and make measurements. The edge detector also performs image calibration.

Vision Development Module 8.5 extends bar coding capabilities. Presently, 2D barcodes are a common machine vision requirement in industrial applications. One- and 2D code reading and character recognition/ verification are other utilities that can help identify packaging and assembly errors early in production. Further, Quick Response codes, 2D barcodes containing product information, and Pharmacodes (found in the pharmaceutical industry) are enabled in version 8.5, along with National Instruments' Vision Assistant Express and Vision Acquisition Express Virtual Instruments. The former packages an image processing and prototyping environment into a single Virtual Instrument while the latter acquires images directly from National Instruments' vision hardware, EIA-1394- or GigE Vision-compliant cameras.

Pegasus Imaging Corp. (Tampa, Fla.) announces an HD Photo Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop. Microsoft Corporation contracted with Pegasus to finalize development of the add-in, buttressing HD Photo's image compression format in the CS2 and CS3 versions of Photoshop software on Windows, Mac/Intel and Mac/PowerPC. The HD Photo technology is available within Pegasus Imaging's advanced PICTools Photo SDK on those same platforms.

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