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Updated: January 12th, 2011 10:01 AM CDT

Looking Ahead

Anticipation of trends, technology drive ever-evolving software market
image of human knee
© Courtesy AccuSoft
AccuSoft’s ImageGear for .NET pseudocolor capability, which highlights densities—including fracture repair hardware—in a grayscale medical image . This one is of the human knee.
Andor Technology’s multidimensional software
© Courtesy Andor
Andor Technology’s multidimensional software affords tools to analyze, process, visualize and manage multi-channel, time-series, Z-series and multi-field experimental data.
Creating an interactive panoramic image with Panoweaver©
© Courtesy Easypano
Creating an interactive panoramic image with Panoweaver© from Easypano Holdings Inc.
eVision from Euresys
© Courtesy Euresys
eVision from Euresys includes object recognition, inspection, measurement and alignment functions.
MathStar’s software chart
© Courtesy MathStar
MathStar’s software permits engineers to architect, authenticate and debug algorithms and protocols on the firm’s Arrix series of Field Programmable Object Arrays (FPOA).
National Instruments screen
© Courtesy National Instruments
National Instruments has updated its Vision Development Module to highlight improved edge detection.
MathWorks screen
© Courtesy MathWorks
MathWorks now bundles add-on products—previously available separately—into its MATLAB and Simulink software.
Multi-phase 3-D analysis of coronary arteries and left ventricle
© Courtesy Visage Imaging
Multi-phase 3-D analysis of coronary arteries and left ventricle.

By Lee J. Nelson
Contributing Editor

At the core of iQ's memory management, ImageDisk augments system resources with fast hard drive and RAID technologies so users never are restricted by RAM. A smart, pre-emptive algorithm monitors memory levels and frame requirements during all acquisition and processing operations. It avoids Windows file swapping and seamlessly confers limitless access, ensuring continuous data availability.

Andor recently acquired majority assets of Kinetic Imaging Limited (Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, U.K. & Morrisville, N.C.), designers of image analysis software and hardware for the bioscience market. Having integrated Kinetic Imaging's software with their own suite, Andor Technology believes it can compete more effectively, especially for live-cell imaging applications. Kinetic Imaging continues trading under its own name.

Two immersive imaging solutions are making their debut from Easypano Holdings Inc. (Shanghai, China): Panoweaver and Tourweaver. Panoweaver is a popular image creation program. The software stitches together a 360-degree panorama in Adobe Flash Player format. Its full-screen mode bestows an engrossing visual experience for real estate, photo-stitching, web design and multimedia applications.

Tourweaver generates feature-rich multimedia presentations and is ideal for virtual tour businesses, web-sites and interactive displays. It handles spherical and cylindrical panoramas, single fisheye images and utilizes image formats from Kaidan Inc.'s (Feasterville, Pa.) BeHere, Egg Solution, Remote Reality or 0‑360 optic software. Special effects include interactive mapping, hotspots, walkthroughs, movie loops, text annotations and link insertions.

Euresys s.a. (Angleur, Belgium & Itasca, Ill.) promotes its eVision suite of software tools for industrial vision. Open and well-documented, General-Purpose, Mark Inspection and Advanced Libraries help users to develop applications under the most stringent programming environments. According to Euresys, eVision libraries exploit the power of the PC and are optimized for Intel's Pentium MMX technology. The library ingests image data, whatever its origin: frame grabber or digital camera (EIA-1394/Apple Firewire, GigE Vision [the gigabit Ethernet standard, Automated Imaging Association, Ann Arbor, Mich.] and USB 2.0). eVision includes object recognition, inspection, measurement and alignment functions.

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