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Updated: January 12th, 2011 10:01 AM CDT

VISION Turns 20

More than 5,000 visitors expected at new Stuttgart facility
VISION 2007 logo
Stuttgart Trade Centre
© Projektgesellschaft Neue Messe GmbH
The new Stuttgart Trade Centre will host the 20th Vision show from November 6-8.
Vision 2006 attendees
© Bildnachweis Messe Stuttgart
More than 5,000 visitors attended Vision 2006. Organizers expect at least that many this year.
Visitors to Vision 2007
© Bildnachweis Messe Stuttgart
Visitors to Vision 2007 will get an up-close view of the latest technology.

By Barry Hochfelder

JAI (Copenhagen, Denmark), exhibiting at the Stemmer Imaging stand, will unveil four new digital cameras that integrate PoCL and are equipped with a Mini-CameraLink socket. They offer a resolution of 1.45 megapixels at a maximum of 31 frames per second or 2 megapixels at 25fps.

Dalsa (Waterloo, Ontario, Canada) will show its Falcon 1.4M100, a PoCL-compatible 1.4 megapixel camera with 100fps, also on the Stemmer stand. Dalsa also will exhibit the first PoCL-compatible frame grabbers in its X64 Xcelera CL series.

Firewire b, (IEEE-1394b transmission standard), which permits data speeds of up to 800 MBit/s, is becoming more attractive, and GigE also will have a prominent role at VISION. For example, MaxxVision (Stuttgart) will debut cameras in the Sony XCD Series with a Firewire b interface as well as a series of GigE cameras with 16 models.

Basler (Ahrensburg, Germany) will present two innovations at VISION: the 5-migapixel two-dimensional camera in its Pioneer series and a 90-degree housing version from its Scout series.

SVS-VISTEK (Seefeld, Germany) will exhibit its svs625, a 5-migapixel CCD camera that no longer requires frame grabbers and features a transmission distance of up to 100 meters.

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