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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

September Industry News

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Rohm and Haas will have a controlling interest in the JV, which will be headquartered in Korea. Sales are projected to be approximately $300 million (U.S.) in the joint venture's first year of operation. Rohm and Haas's investment in the JV is expected to be approximately $190 million. When combined with the acquisition of Eastman Kodak Company's Light Management Films business earlier this year, Rohm and Haas will have invested approximately $230 million to build a major new business unitóFlat Panel Display Technologiesówithin its Electronic Materials group. Overall sales of the new business unit are expected to be approximately $350 million in 2008.

Dr. Pierre Brondeau, Rohm and Haas executive vice president and business group executive, Electronic Materials and Specialty Materials, said the JV is an important addition to the company's growing Electronic Materials franchise.

"We have traditionally performed exceedingly well in industries and markets that place a high value on innovation. That's what we do best, and it's what the flat panel industry will continue to need in the face of increasing demand for displays that are brighter, more vibrant, larger, and more energy efficient," Brondeau added.

Products developed, manufactured and marketed by the joint venture will include a suite of specialty display films for LCD and plasma displays. The JV also will include dispersions of pigments, key ingredients used to manufacture LCD color filter plates. In addition to these films and materials, Rohm and Haas's flat panel display technologies business develops and manufactures a variety of products for the display industry, including TFT photoresists and color filter chrome patterning.

Carl Zeiss Teams Up With Harvard

Carl Zeiss MicroImaging has received a license from Harvard University's Office of Technology Development to use the CARS (Coherent anti-Stokes Raman-Scattering) microscopy technology. The technology will be used in the development of confocal and multiphoton microscopes from Zeiss.

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