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Updated: January 12th, 2011 10:01 AM CDT

MV Software Becoming Integral Part of Color Imaging

Component Integration
True color format
Stemmer Imaging
By using a Bayer filter, images can be switched into a true color format.
Intuitive interpretation of colors
By separating the achromatic black and white component (Intensity) from the chromatic components (Saturation and Hue) results in a more intuitive interpretation of colors.
Landscape image
MVTec Software
This merging of seven channels breaks down this landscape image.

By Barry Hochfelder

The number of channels is unlimited. With multi-channel matching, more information can be accessed from the gray value image, clearly identifying objects even when their brightness is the same as the background. By merging the information from multiple channels of, say, a landscape image, it is possible to classify every pixel and produce a map clearly differentiating water, land and trees.

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