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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

High Speed Entertainment

The NAC-300P in action at Lord's Cricket Grounds, London
Olympus' i-SPEED Cameras
User-friendly interface and consumer styling elements are at the heart of Olympus' i-SPEED cameras.
Photron's SwingVision
Photron's SwingVision, a system created initially for CBS Sports.

By Lee J. Nelson
Contributing Editor

The MotionXtra HG-100K series is ruggedized and named for its ability to endure up to a 100-g force. Able to withstand almost any impact, MotionXtra cameras come equipped with an internal battery for greater portability. They are well suited to RAB (random access burst) applications given their capacity to handle ISO CIELab standard-compliant data from which the upper, middle or lower 8-bits of mono-or 24-bits of color-may be chosen for viewing and storage. Extended dynamic range mappings (10- and 9-bit compressed) approximate a logarithmic response. Users may create custom lookup tables to map CIELab 10-bit data to 8-bits, then expand the dynamic range according to individual requirements. Storing and downloading can be restricted to the 8-bit-per-channel data for display, rather than larger amounts in greater bit-depths which eventually are discarded.

Redlake configures six versions of MotionXtra, each touting a mix of specialized features. The newest, MotionXtra HG-XR, addresses applications for which extraordinary record times, exceptional resolution and superb dynamic range are absolute musts.

Vision Research, Inc. (Wayne, N.J.) introduces high-speed digital imaging to the world of 2K and HD media production by virtue of a novel 20482048 active-pixel CMOS sensor. Not just another high-speed camera, according to the firm, Phantom HD combines the visual quality of HD with the frame rates of specialty cameras and gives the cinematographer 35 mm depth-of-field.

Phantom's flexibility and virtually limitless HD control return outstanding results whether imaging rapidly moving sports events, producing commercials, music videos, documentaries or monitoring rocket launches. With a variable shutter and radically adjustable framing rates-from one to 1000 in increments of one fps at HD resolution-operators are able to exert seamless dominion over an application's duration, speed and time.

Geared toward television production, Phantom HD's sensor is capable of 2K- or HD-format imaging. Vertical size can be altered in 8-pixel steps. Pixels measure 12.5 microns and 14-bit A-to-D converters afford the ultimate in sensitivity and image quality. The camera's Extreme Dynamic Range feature-when combined with a user-selected contrast ratio-closely rivals that of film.

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