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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

SDKs Provide a Wealth of Capabilities

Power, Ease of Use and Flexibility
Horde3D is a small open-source 3-D rendering SDK.
Media Cybernetics' Image-Pro Plus.
Mercury Computer Systems, Inc.'s MultiCore Plus SDK 1.0, an intuitive programming environment for the Cell Broadband Engine and other multi-core processors.

By Lee J. Nelson
Contributing Editor

Common Vision Blox features tools for image capture, storage/retrieval, edge detection, filtering, thresholding, blob location, correlation, graphing and image unwarping. Whether for VC++, VB, C#, Dephi, CBuilder or .NET, the graphical development environment, iTuition, aids in prototyping innovative applications. Additional functions include: FFT and advanced filtering, barcoding, Bayer conversion, color matching, contour and shape identification, object recognition and fuzzy logic.

The latest Vimas (Kyiv, Ukraine) Imaging SDK supplants two prior software packages (Image Optimization SDK and Image Server SDK) and performs image compression, color palette tuning, thumbnail generation, image format conversion and batch processing for Win32 and .NET applications. Plus, it's Microsoft Windows Image Acquisition Library-compliant. With advanced shadow/highlight and color correction algorithms, Imaging SDK is ideal for e-commerce, Web publishing and Web-based multimedia databases. The SDK manages images directly within ASP (Active Server Pages), .NET, Adobe System's ColdFusion and custom server configurations.

Vimas maintains the software is simple to use, yet tenders effective weighting optimization for GIF and PNG8 (the World Wide Web Consortium's Portable Network Graphics) with alpha transparency (Palette Alpha), improved TIFF functionality and lossless JPEG decoding, rotation and cropping.

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Contributing editor and industry analyst, Lee J. Nelson, is at the forefront of emerging as well as evolving technologies for compute-intensive electronic imaging applications. Contact him at: 1-703-893-0744, or

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