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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Image Analysis

Enhancing the Human Equation, or Removing it Altogether
Image analysis in remote sensing using MVTec software in a land classification application
The segmented Vector Red intensity in red and the Hematoxylin intensity in a yellow-stained tissue section of the human hippocampus as extracted by Lifescan technology.
The first unassisted aerial refueling, conducted using image analysis technology developed by OCTEC and SNC.
Another challenge undertaken by OCTEC was developing an automated target identification system for unmanned aerial vehicles. The challenge involves detecting moving objects on the ground from a moving platform in the air in real time, with only have a few frames in which to analyze the scene, look for movement and then highlight the moving objects.

By Keith Reid

OCTEC worked closely with SNC, DARPA and NASA over a 15 month period to perfect the optimized image processing algorithms which were implemented on a COTS OCTEC image processor card and provided the high accuracy, low latency final closure phase flight control input to the SNC flight control processor. The image processing algorithms were derived from OCTEC's experience in applications such as spacecraft launch tracking, airborne reconnaissance, EO fire control and surveillance systems. Ultimately, the technology may even be developed to assist manned aircraft in this challenging task, particularly in poor weather conditions with the appropriate IR sensors.

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