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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

An Uncommon Route to a Finished Product

Developers of software tools look to satisfy and exploit new standards
Graphic: 3Dlabs
A new demonstration program, RealWorldz, based on the OpenGL standard allows users to create other worlds. It is can also being used in other arenas such as visualization applications.

OpenGL 2.0, which was released in September, is on its sixth revision. Drawn by the "spectacular effects" that the shading language can produce, video game developers were some of the earliest adaptors. Many new products had been developed based upon the initial drivers, and now new products maybe at hand outside of the video game and display market.

"The expansion of use," says Rost, "can be attributed to how the standard can help generate objects that look more realistic, and designers want to see realistic versions of what they are designing."

The tools are now being used in a variety of applications including automobile design. One example, according to Rost, is that of a car designer exploring which paint to use.

"There are types of car paint that have different light reflections depending on where you are in relation to the light," he says. "A paint called mystique lacquer looks black, but if a white light is shined on it, you will see mostly white or the edges will go from blue to a dark red. It all depends on the position of the light and the line, and that is something that can be done now. We can get increasingly realistic previews in a variety of different lighting positions."

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