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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Sony Adds Windows XPe Compatibility for Smart Camera

Rugged and Robust Smart Camera

Sony Electronics is introducing a version of its XCI-SX1 Smart Camera that is compatible with the Windows® XPe operating system. The upgraded model takes the capabilities of a traditional machine vision solution requiring a PC, capture card and camera and combines them into a single plug-in module featuring a high-performance AMD processor, Compact Flash™ memory storage, extensive I/O connectivity via Ethernet, a USB serial port and a monitor.

Like Sony’s imager-only components, its familiar cube form factor makes for easy design replacement, enhancing product development.

Since its introduction last year, the XCI-SX1 camera with the Linux operating system has proven itself to be rugged and robust.

Now, LaMarca expects that the enhanced model’s added compatibility with the Windows XPe operating system, along with doubling the system’s volatile memory with a high-speed 256MB DDR-SDRAM module, will provide opportunities for OEMs, systems integrators and manufacturers. Existing vision library assets, third-party software applications and algorithms developed for the Windows platform can be easily leveraged to maximize value.

For added protection of intellectual property, only compiled .EXE files are deployed, helping keep source codes secure. Windows XPe compatibility allows for a wide selection of options specific to particular integration needs, as well as the ability to provide a custom graphical user interface to create a signature look.

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