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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Safety: Victory for Vehicle and Vision Vendors

Figure 1: The BMW 7 Series offers a forward-looking infrared safety system that is designed to cut down on accidents involving pedestrians or impediments.
Figure 2: It's easy to see how a pedestrian who crouches or bends down is in serious danger because of the sightlines on late-model cars.

By Lee J. Nelson
Contributing Editor

Working directly with executable specifications, engineers are able to refine control strategies and optimize performance attributes, trim design phases, and test ideas quickly and with fewer hardware prototypes. The result is a better solution, brought to market faster and more economically, reduced time to embedded code and a pathway to future innovation; advancing from concept, through verification, to real production code in the same, seamless environment.

David Jackson, The MathWorks’ Product Marketing Manager of Video and Signal Processing, told Advanced Imaging, “ safety systems—based on imaging sensors—are starting to become available on select high-end models and heavy vehicles. According to the OEMs and suppliers with which we are working, buyers will begin to see these as an option on a broader array of vehicles over the next three to five years. The future is here, it’s just unevenly distributed.”

Contributing editor and industry analyst, Lee J. Nelson, is at the forefront of emerging as well as evolving technologies for compute-intensive electronic imaging applications. Contact him at: 1-703-893-0744, or

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