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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Advanced Imaging's The Electronic Imaging Core Technologies Map


By Advanced Imaging Editorial Staff

A map helps you successfully travel from one point to another. A map can also help the experienced traveler undertake interesting diversions from the path more frequently traveled. For Advanced Imaging’s readers, The Electronic Imaging Core Technologies Map serves as a useful reminder of the core technology components that make up a complete imaging solution, with each stop along the way providing an opportunity to enhance existing capabilities, meet old needs and enter new frontiers.

Advanced Imaging’s readership encompasses sophisticated end-users of imaging technologies in such fields as law enforcement, commerce, industry, military, government and science. It also encompasses original equipment manufacturers and system integrators looking for the latest advancements in hardware and software. Our editorial content focuses on providing these critical audiences with the latest developments in electronic imaging technology, and the innovative applications of that technology. This innovation is driven from the eight core areas found on The Electronic Imaging Core Technologies Map insert.

Illumination is a wide-ranging category of technologies that can be unique to a particular application. Lighting products include full and partial spectrum, strobe, ring, LED, fluorescent, incandescent and fiber optic.

Optics include the lenses, prisms, mirrors, flats, optical filters and other optical components that help bring the image into focus and to the sensor.

Backplanes are the semiconductor chips that capture the images. These sensors include charged-coupled devices (CCDs), complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) and infrared (IR) devices.

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