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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

e2v: A Leader for Three Decades

e2v Inc.
e2v inc
4 Westchester Plaza
Elmsford, N.Y. 10523-1482
Phone: +1 914-592-6050 or
+1 800 342 5338
Fax: +1 914-592-5148

With more than 30 years of continued investment in research and development, e2v is uniquely placed to meet the ever more challenging requirement of professional imaging markets.

e2v technologies is a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of specialized components and subsystems, falling within two product groups:

  • Sensors and Semiconductors
  • Electronic tubes

e2v's products are supplied into three core market areas:

  • Medical & Science: Sensor technology includes imaging sensors for intra-oral and panoramic dental X-ray, mammography, life science applications and X-ray microscopy. Electronic tubes are the enabling technology behind radiotherapy cancer treatments, microwave medical therapy and high-energy physics.
  • Aerospace & Defense: Sensor technology includes products for military surveillance, targeting and guidance, space-based imaging and astronomy, radar, electronic warfare, and broadband data converters and microprocessors for aerospace applications. Electronic tubes provide the enabling technology behind radars, electronic countermeasures (ECM), electronic warfare and satellite communications.
  • Commercial & Industrial: Sensor technology includes marine radars, industrial safety sensors, automotive radars and alarms, thermal imaging cameras used by fire fighters, CCD and CMOS high resolution line scan cameras for industrial inspection. Electronic tubes provide enabling technology behind TV broadcast, satellite communications, marine radar and food & industrial processing.

e2v supplies high performance CCD and CMOS imaging sensors and cameras for a broad range of demanding applications, operating across the electro-magnetic spectrum from X-ray, through ultraviolet and visible light to infrared.

Leading-edge technologies, are ensuring that our high-end imaging products remain world-leading, for example:

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