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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

X-ray Camera Designed for "Very Small Spaces" from Rad-icon

Excellent for Portable Applications or Fixed Installations in Confined Spaces

Rad-icon Imaging Corporation announces the Remote RadEye™ HR – a high-resolution detachable x-ray sensitive camera head designed for “very-small space” radiation imaging applications. The Remote RadEye HR contains a 2-dimensional CMOS photodiode array with 22.5 μm pixel size, which translates to an intrinsic resolution of 22 line pairs per mm. The sensor electronics are mounted in a separate enclosure which can be remotely located and interconnected via a 1 meter long cable supplied with the x-ray sensor module. While intended mostly for portable applications, the Remote RadEye HR can also be used in many fixed installation x-ray imaging systems where unusually dense packaging conditions need to be optimized.

The x-ray sensor in the Remote RadEye HR was developed to work with micro-focus and nano-focus focus x-ray sources to form compact, high-resolution imaging systems for applications such as; Micro-CT for industrial and biomedical applications; observing fine structure on small parts; aligning or profiling an x-ray beam for protein crystallography and evaluating the focal spot size on high-resolution x-ray sources.

The small size and minimized mass of the Remote RadEye HR makes rapid changes of momentum easier, hence mounting on a robotic arm becomes quite practical. The small detachable sensor module can easily placed in constricted areas and the lower mass also simplifies cooling of the detector head to reduce dark current and extend the exposure time.

The detachable sensor module is housed in a ruggedized, steel enclosure with a stainless steel cover and carbon-fiber window that shields the sensor from ambient light and protects the sensitive electronics from accidental physical damage.

Rad-icon Imaging Corp. Santa Clara, Calif.

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