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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

World's First Four-Camera PCI Express Frame Grabber


BitFlow is introducing the world’s first four-camera PCI Express frame grabber, the Karbon-CL. It can acquire simultaneously from up to four Base CL cameras or two Full CL cameras (including 10-tap CL). Further, it is also built on top of BitFlow’s FlowThru technology, which provides zero latency access to data, super low CPU usage and unlimited DMA destination size. The Karbon-CL is the first member of BitFlow’s Karbon family, which will provide a platform that can host an wide variety of virtual frame grabbers. These virtual frame grabbers can be customized to meet an OEM’s specific needs.

The Karbon-CL has been designed with two main applications in mind. First, in situations where more than one camera is needed, the Karbon-CL can reduce both the system cost and the hardware footprint by its ability to acquire from up to four cameras. Second, in situations where extremely high data rates and/or frame rates are required, the Karbon-CL has been designed to handle up to 160 bits at 85 MHz pixel clock rate and can DMA at data rates up to 2.0 GB/S. For example, the Karbon-CL can handle two of the new 10-tap CL cameras.

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