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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

World Heritage Virtual Tour Adds 80 New Sites with the Help of REALVIZ StitcherŽ Unlimited

REALVIZ photo-stitching and image-assembling software
REALVIZ photo-stitching and image-assembling software created this panorama of a site in Egypt.

REALVIZ, (Sophia Antipolis, France) a leader in image-processing software development, has helped the re-launch of, a 360-degree virtual tour of World Heritage sites from across the globe. is an independent non-profit organization documenting the UNESCO World Heritage List with a series of remarkable panographies. The site is the work of Belgian photographer, Tito Dupret.

During the seven years already committed to this project, Dupret has helped produce some of the most impressive panographies ever seen of some of the most historic, rare and often unreachable sites from across the planet in full-color, full-screen splendor. From China, Tanzania, Indonesia, Iran and India to Egypt and now the Middle East, each of Dupret's panographies is produced with the aid of REALVIZ's panorama assembling software, Stitcher® Unlimited.

REALVIZ Stitcher is a photo-stitching and image-assembling software for the creation of professional-level panoramas and 360-degree virtual tours. Starting from digital images, the software's powerful central automatic stitching engine enables a diverse range of users to create high-quality panoramas, large-format prints, matte paintings, reflection maps and textures for film and television, as well as dynamic virtual tours for the real estate and tourism industries.

"For the last 15 months I have not published a single image," explains Dupret. "Around eight of these were spent shooting 80 new World Heritage sites. "An additional seven months were needed to build the new site and to post-produce the panographies—360-degree imaging. The site now includes significant new areas, including the Middle East and East Africa. These are regions, which currently attract a lot interest in the news, but unfortunately often not for the right reasons. What we want to present is a peaceful message on the rich heritage and natural beauty of these regions."

"I have been using REALVIZ Stitcher since 2001," adds Dupret "and it has always been a pleasure for me to discover the latest versions of the software, as each one has helped me to reduce the time spent in post-production. In this way, I can capture as many locations as possible within a limited time frame, and maximize our documentation of the World Heritage sites."

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