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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Working Together for Better Images


Larry Adams By Larry Adams

“An imaging system, by definition, needs to integrate. We expect the individual components to integrate flawlessly. We expect them to merge together for a perfect system.”

For those of you who have read this space over the last year, you may think that was me saying this. It is not, although I have written and verbally related these sentiments from my first editorial to my last telephone call.

This comment came from Samuel Sadoulet, director of product development at Edmund Industrial Optics (Barrington, NJ), during the Robots & Vision show held in September in suburban Chicago.

Mr. Sadoulet was speaking before a meeting of the minds from some of the industry’s most respected representatives. The meeting was hosted by Edmund Optics and included representatives from camera companies, chip makers, optics suppliers — even a couple of magazine editors. The meeting was called to gauge whether this diverse group thought that the Automated Imaging Association should be approached about developing mounting standards.

While Edmund Optics has a stake in this issue, as it announced at the meeting that it was entering the line-scan market with a new family of lenses, the idea should not be dismissed as simply one manufacturer trying to get its leg up on the competition. This is an idea that should be explored, and, as Edmund Optics President John Stack correctly said, this idea must be explored by an independent body and must include the ideas from other optics manufacturers as well as camera makers and other members of the electronic-imaging community.

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