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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Wide-Area Surveillance System


Panavision Federal Systems has developed a breakthrough compound zoom lens technology which enables extremely high zoom ratios. The first product, which was developed by private funds initially as a sports broadcast application, provides a zoom range of 300:1—approximately three times more powerful than other commercially available zoom lenses. This zoom lens system, coupled with HDTV camera technology, comprises a new imaging system that enables an entirely new type of surveillance and reconnaissance capability. It is now possible to observe targets from a 76 degree angular wide field of view in order to detect activity and then zoom in for identification and location to within 0.3 degree angular field of view (a 24’ x 13’ field of view at a range of one mile). HDTV’s resolution of 1280 x 720 can resolve a pixel at that distance to approximately 0.2 inches square which means objects such as people, vehicles, small weapons and small structures can be easily resolved from ranges in excess of 12,000 feet. Facial recognition can be achieved up to ½ mile away.

Other applications for this new product include use on shipboard and airborne platforms. Ships can obtain high resolution imagery on targets/objects from a range of 2 miles and air vehicles flying 15,000 feet and below would be able to capture very detailed imagery and video for surveillance, reconnaissance, improvised explosive device (IED) detection and search and rescue applications.

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