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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

Welcome to Advanced Imaging's 2009 Imaging Solutions of the Year!

SOTY 2009

For the 13th time, Advanced Imaging begins the New Year with its Solutions of the Year issue. It's been another great year of advances in sophisticated imaging technology, solving important problems with innovative and far-thinking technology.

As with 2008, we did not select "winners" and "runners-up." That would be just too difficult to quantify the diverse solutions that were submitted. We selected the outstanding entrants in the following key categories: Microscopy, Commercial Applications, Visualization and Space Imaging.

Each submitter was asked to identify the challenge, outline the solution, list the tools used to achieve the solution and then, most important, describe the difference that the solution made.

We hope you find these solutions as enlightening and interesting as we did. Our thanks to all who participated.

The Advanced Imaging Editorial Team

This Year's Winning Solitions:

Carbon Fiber Evaluation by Automated Image Analysis

Commercial Applications
Characterization of Solar Cell Energy Conversion Efficiency Using Electroluminescence Imaging

Increasing Computing Power to Understand the Earth's Climate

Spacie Imaging
High-Speed Parachute Deployment Imaging System for Space-Launch Vehicles

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