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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Universal PCI Controller Solutions for High Performance Automation


Numerous applications in imaging and microscopy require the automation of various opto-mechanical components. For instance, motorization of a microscope focus drive permits autofocus and 3D image acquisition. Motorized XY stage movement is essential for automated analyses that entail the acquisition of multiple fields of view. Multi-spectral applications in fluorescence typically use motorized filter changers and shutters.

In order to maximize throughput, demanding applications such as high-speed sample screening, rare event detection, and fast, ultra-high resolution mosaic imaging require higher performance automation control solutions. This need, coupled with the desire of system integrators for a minimum overall footprint led Objective Imaging to develop the OASIS line of PCI controllers to handle a wide range of motion control operations from a single card.

With both motion control and motor driver electronics on board, this class of controller is ideal for automating a variety of motorized XY stages, Z focus drives, filter wheels and shutters all from a compact Universal PCI card using a common software interface. By also offering advanced functionality such as encoder feedback, general-purpose I/O and camera trigger synchronization, these controllers provide a complete solution for the demanding hardware control tasks often found in imaging applications.

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