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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

Underfloor Building Inspection Aided by Versatile Video Capture Device

PalmScope™ video capture device
PalmScope™ video capture device from Moritex captured this image during an inspection of a cottage in Harpenden, U.K.

Moritex (Cambridge, UK) has announced that its handheld PalmScope™ video capture device has enabled VisionScope Technologies (Cambridge, UK) to provide an integrated inspection, image capture and data archiving solution for underfloor building inspections.

During the restoration of a cottage in Harpenden, UK, workers reported pungent odors coming from below the floorboards of the building. Traditionally, building inspectors have either had to resort to the high cost of buying/renting a video endoscopic inspection system or the considerable inconvenience of taking up flooring.

Kevin Sebley, Director of VisionScope Technologies commented, "The PalmScope video capture device in combination with a SnakeEye™ camera system and a 4.7mm video endoscope has enabled us to provide a powerful, yet affordable solution for inspection under floorboards or in drains and sewers. At roughly one-third the price of comparable video endoscopic inspection systems we were able to provide an integrated solution that identified the problem to be due to rat infestation and damp found in one of the central beams."

The PalmScope™ is a versatile video recording device easily enabled to work with a wide range of cameras and video endoscopes. Designed for ease-of-use and convenience, images and video clips captured by the PalmScope are automatically named with the date and a sequence label. Images can be organized with an overlay of up to 10 lines of text using an optional standard PC keyboard. The PalmScope includes a convenient thumbnail gallery feature with cataloging functions to help in archiving and retrieving images, including the ability to rename, delete and move or copy images between folders. An individual image may be selected for full-size viewing. Alternatively images can be easily transferred to a PC where they can be displayed or processed by any suitable image editing software.

Tested and approved to CE and FCC regulations the durably constructed PalmScope is compatible with PAL, NTSC, composite and S-video signals. A built-in 6.5-inch TFT LCD display allows you to preview the video before saving it to the memory card. Video clips are captured at full NTSC or PAL resolution, at 30 or 25 frames per second respectively, and stored in Motion-JPEG compressed format. Storage capacity is limited only by the size of the CompactFlash card used, a 2GB card will hold many thousands of images or approximately 80 minutes of video.

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