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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

USB 2.0 Module for Precision Measurements


The DT9816 is a simultaneous input, low-cost data acquisition module as part of the company's ECONseries for USB 2.0. It takes simultaneous, accurate measurements and gives the user the ability to measure high-bandwidth signals with less error, the company says. The DT9816 series provides six independent A/D converters with track and hold circuitry. Each converter uses a common clock and trigger for simultaneous sampling of all six channels at one instant in time. Accurate measurement capability is designed-in to eliminate phase shift error differences in the users' data. Additional advantages include: 16-bit resolution for precision measurements; individual A/D per signal input; two bipolar input ranges of +/-10 and +/- 5 volts for maximum flexibility; high input impedance; digital I/O functions (8 input and 8 output) for controlling external equipment; and multi-function counter/timer for event counting, frequency measurement and continuous pulse output operations. DATA TRANSLATION. Marlboro, MA.

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