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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

ULIS Launches its Family of Amorphous Silicon Infrared Detectors With the Smallest Pixel in the World

Ideal for Medical Imaging, Enhanced Driver Night Vision, Security and Thermography

The French company ULIS (Sofradir group), which designs, develops, manufactures and sells uncooled infrared detectors, launches its 25 µm family: the UL 02 15 2, the UL 04 17 1 and the UL 03 19 1.

ULIS offers an exceptionally range of products in 25 µm: actually the family goes from a 160 x 120 pixel array format (UL 02 15 2) dedicated to low-cost thermography equipment applications to a 640 x 480 (UL 04 17 1) which is synonymous with high definition and high performances for applications such as medical imaging, enhanced driver night vision, security and thermography. ULIS also proposes a medium size one the UL 03 19 1 (384 x 288) using the same package as the 640 x 480 for easier system upgrade or better system standardization. ULIS France

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