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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

Tough 'Metal Mickeys' Deliver Wireless Rapid-Deployment Near London

Moondance PTZ cameras from Extreme CCTV
Moondance PTZ cameras from Extreme CCTV help fight crime in Swindon, U.K.

The Swindon Crime Reduction Partnership is using Moondance PTZ cameras from Extreme CCTV for wireless rapid-deployment parapet applications at varying locations in the city center, approximately 80 miles west of London.

The custom units are mounted tripod-style on flat roofs of town center buildings, projecting just beyond the parapet of the buildings to provide discreet surveillance of the areas below. Each deployable parapet system—which can be re-positioned in less than an hour to meet different operational requirements
—incorporates a 24-hour battery and transmits images to a dedicated receiver atop a 23-story building in the town center.

The "Metal Mickeys," as they are known in Britain, were specified by the Partnership's director, Oliver O'Dell, because of their tough vandal-resistant design. "In public area operations in different parts of the country I have used shoe-box style cameras and found them very vulnerable," he said.

"In one year alone I lost £35,000 of camera equipment due to ballistic attacks, with bricks being thrown and ball-bearing guns being used. Cabling was also often ripped from the back of the camera housings. But the Metal Mickeys are tough enough to be deployed anywhere without suffering that sort of damage."

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