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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

Tordivel launches Scorpion Pizza Sorting System

Courtesy Tordivel
Tordivel’s Scorpion Pizza Sorting system has a capacity of 7,200 pizzas an hour.

Tordivel AS (Oslo, Norway) has unveiled its new Scorpion Pizza-Sorting System and installed it in a number of Scandinavian food plants, said Thor Vollset, Managing Director.

The modular system includes a conveyor, an ejector unit, and machine vision hardware and software. The system is designed to meet the wash-down requirements of the food industry. Its core functions: Locate the pizza, measure the diameter, thickness profile and edge defects. Based on the measurements the user can set up the sorting criteria in a user-friendly graphical user interface. The capacity of an installed system is 7,200 pizzas per hour at a conveyor speed of 0.5 – 1.0 m/s. The system handles multiple and different sizes through a flexible recipe system. The diameter resolution is 0.5 mm and the height resolution is 0.2 mm.

The machine is based on the same powerful Scorpion Vision Software that has been at the heart of many automatic inspection systems used in manufacturing industries. Intended to reduce wastage and improve quality, the system uses a series of cameras to build a 3D profile of each product.

“This new system uses reliable, innovative techniques to build a mathematical model of the baked product in real time,” Vollstet adds. “A product can be diverted off the production line if it does not meet certain criteria such as color, height, width or shape. The extensive statistics, logging functions, and graphs improve the production continuously.”

The system, targeted for the pizza factory, easily can be modified to any bakery line requirement and can cater for most  baked products, no matter how big or small. It can be installed in new lines or retrofitted into existing lines. The automatic system improves quality and reduces cost with its competitive price.

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