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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Today's Customized Solutions


Digital imaging solutions now exist for a vast array of applications, with products available with a vast selection of sensors, interfaces, processing and software options. It is common for a product developer to look beyond the off-the-shelf solutions to find a combination of these components which is perfectly suited to his or her application, or in some cases to provide a completely new digital imaging function.

Narragansett Imaging fulfills this market need by focusing exclusively on OEM/custom camera design, development and manufacturing. Narragansett Imaging designs and manufactures digital cameras with complexity ranging from simple single board cameras through complex embedded systems including image processing and storage.

Our long experience in OEM camera design and manufacture allows us to offer a rapid turn around on new camera designs. In-House hardware, firmware and software development together with close customer collaboration ensures smooth integration to end-user systems and direct transfer to manufacturing.

As well as the need to develop application specific cameras (and camera modules), a growing number of companies prefer to concentrate on product development with sales and marketing and partner with outside companies for manufacturing services.

In addition to its core focus on digital camera manufacturing, Narragansett Imaging is now able to offer integration of these products into higher level assemblies. Services offered include adding accessories to camera modules (lenses, housings etc.), integration into higher level assemblies and testing of the complete units through inventory management and order fulfillment.

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