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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

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Titan AP&D's customizable Vigra® video and image processing platforms, and Vigra Mobile Solutions, a line of portable video processing computing systems, provide the highest degree of functionality, performance and reliability for developers of military applications and systems that capture, process and display video, images and graphics in real-time.

Our VigraVision® boards are available in a variety of configurations, ranging from VigraVision STD, a powerful frame grabber with graphics, to VigraVision DUO for the support of dual-monitor output, to VigraVision PRO for full real-time processing capabilities. For real-time MPEG-2 digital video compression and decompression, and processing capabilities, our VigraWATCH® product is a solution to acquire, transmit and display clear, reliable video and images. VigraWATCH includes a PowerPC, FPGA and Ethernet, so it's configurable for image processing, and can operate as a standalone computer.

Titan AP&D's Vigra Mobile Solutions product line builds on our proven Vigra technology by integrating Vigra boards into mobile computing systems from selected Titan third-party vendors. Vigra Mobile Solutions are designed to assist developers to quickly and cost-effectively meet the military's growing demand for lightweight, powerful technologies to capture, collect, manage and share video intelligence. We help reduce the engineering time and cost associated with researching, integrating, testing and delivering a video-based intelligence system by providing proven and powerful video technology already integrated into a mobile computer that is ready to use by you and your customer.

Whether you need a reconfigurable video and imaging platform, or an integrated mobile video solution, we've got powerful video technologies to support your next system design. Our unique combination of digital signal processing platforms, engineering services, and ISO-certified manufacturing processes help systems integrators and OEMs create and deliver systems on-time and cost-effectively. Call us today.

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